Monday, June 16, 2008

Got Pride?

Every year Kelly does a pride month challenge. He posts a pic asking people to post the pic on their own blog or website, thus spreading the rainbow. This year, he is taking the challenge one step further. He wants you to post the pic and tell your story. Whether its your coming out, why you haven't come out, why you posted the pic, or just why you felt it was important to spread the rainbow. Now let me say, Kelly is one of my favorite bloggers. I check out his blog on a near daily basis and if you've never checked it out, you really should.
Anyway, back to the Pride month challenge. I don't particularly feel the need to re-hash my coming out, but I did have stuff that I wanted to say. I went back and forth several times on whether or not I should do this post. In fact, even as I sit here typing it I am hesitant of the final outcome. I just know that I feel how I feel and I need to put it into words. So let me put this out there up front... if anything I say in here upsets anyone, that's not my intention.
I feel like alot of how the GLBT "community", particularly in my area, presents itself does not represent me. In general, I feel a huge disconnect from the community. In spite of that, or more accurately because of that, I felt it was important to post the pic and spread the rainbow. I love the idea that the rainbow celebrates both our diversity and our unity. So I'm posting it here as a way to say, "you know what, I disagree with alot of what's going on these days, but I respect our differences, cherish our similiarities, and hope to find a way to bridge the gap."

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Work has been super hectic lately and I realized that I didn't even post my HNT or Biggest Loser results for last welcome to a super-sized two weeks HNT/Biggest Loser.

The first pic is just a closeup of my two eyebrow piercings..thought I'd continue with the piercing theme after the success of last week's nipple ring. (Btw Beth, thanks for the comment on both my nipple and my nipple ring, they were both very appreciative to have received kind words here in the

The second pic is of my awesome calf muscle. It truly is my favorite body part on me, and it is one of the first things I notice on girls and guys. I'm gonna have to start taking some more pics otherwise next week's HNT will have to be a pic of my butt. I think that's the only pic that I haven't already, don't worry, I won't make you suffer through that.

Now for the biggest loser update.....

Starting weight: 210

Week 1 - 201 (-9)

Week 2 - 201 (0)

Week 3 - 203 (+2)

Week 4 - 198 (-5)

Week 5 - 199 (+1)

Week 6 - 195 (-4)

So last week's +1 was definitely frustrating, but everyone else gained that week too, and I actually gained the least, so I just tried to move past it. I've entered into a semi-delusional state in which I believe that gain was from muscle growth and I'm clinging tightly to that story. Now for this week's weigh-in... 195 which is a four pound loss!!! I'm not entirely sure where I fall in the rankings this week. Alyssa and Missy have been out of town and haven't weighed in, Shane lost 5 pounds so I'm hoping that he was the only one who beat me. Overall, I've lost 15 lbs or 7.14%.....only 4 weeks left! Alyssa and I have gotten super competitive about it and have decided that after the initial competition is over, her and I are going to continue it for the whole summer. We found a fitness test on Men's and we are going to take it at the beginning of summer and again at the end to track our progress. I've also joined, which looks like it may be a cool little website to help stay on track. You can put in your exercises and food intake and also your weight goals....its kinda nifty.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Alright for this week's HNT I'm putting up a pic of my nipple ring. Its not my favorite pic, but some people asked about it so here you go. If seeing my nipple and ,desperately in need of a tan, surrounding area is not your've been forewarned.

Now on to the really important news...The Biggest Loser Challenge update. As you may remember, last week was particularly upsetting. Everyone else lost weight while I, on the other hand, gained 2 lbs!!! I was fired up and really put the focus on for this weigh-in. I did pretty good for the week, I followed my eating plan almost to the letter. On the work out, I got in 4 of the 5 that I had planned. Cut to the weigh-in, Missy was up first and lost 0. Alyssa, up next, lost 5 lbs! Then we move on to Shane, he lost 6 lbs! As I was getting ready to step on the scale, my inner monologue sounded like I was actually on the show. I was nervous that Alyssa and Shane had pulled such big numbers. After last week's gain, I was really just hoping to maintain. Now I was feeling all this pressure to pull a big number. So I step on the scale..........I lost 5 lbs!!! Not enough to make me the biggest loser of the week, but I am super happy with that number. So here's the recap....

Starting weight- 210 lbs

week 1- 201 lbs

week 2 - 201 lbs

week 3 - 203 lbs

week 4 - 198 lbs.....I fell below the 200 mark, about damn time

So over all I've lost 12 lbs or 5.71% or my starting weight. Overall challenge to date I am in second place. Shane is winning with 12 lbs lost, but since he had a lower starting weight, it is a higher percentage. Alyssa is close on my heels with 10 lbs lost, but she is only like 3 tenths of a percentage behind me. Ahh competition!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Not another meme!!

I was going to try to do some more regular posting on here and I was going to try to not resort to the meme, but alas, that has not been the case. What can I say? I like memes. I'm a little on the OCD side so the structured format of a meme is appealing to me. Also, you know its about me, so any chance to go on about myself...hooray! (just kidding, sorta). I swiped this meme from the always delightful Cup of Coffey. She was one of the first blogs I started reading on a regular basis and is one of my favorites to this day.
One thing about this meme, the number scheme in it really messed with my OCD tendencies. There are 6 categories, 2 of them didn't have a set number, 3 of them are 5, one was 3.... grrr, arrgh! In spite of that, however, I will try to work through it. I wouldn't want to deprive anyone from the opportunity to learn more about me (haha!)

1. Ten Years Ago
I was 21, living in a crazy resort town. I was a manager for Polo Ralph Lauren. I had a great group of friends and we were an insane group. Literally, everyday was work all day, drink all night, and often we were getting home in time to shower, change our clothes, and go back to work. Some really fond memories of that time, but I couldn't (and wouldn't want to) keep up that pace now.

2. 5 Things on Today's to do List
A. Workout - didn't get the full workout in, but I walked my entire lunch break today
B. Put Away laundry - one of my least favorite chores, but its mostly done
C. Grocery store - done
D. Catch up on my email - done
E. Make a posting on here - when I'm done with this, this one will be done

3. If I were a Billionaire
The original meme didn't have this one numbered, but I'm gonna take cup of coffey's idea and run with it. So I've made this one a 5 things also...
A. Debt Free anyone? I'd pay off all of my debts, and those of my family, and a couple of close
B. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. There'd be some going back to school.
C. Take this job and shove it. I'd quit my job. Not that I don't want to work, and not that I
don't like my job, I would just want to do some other things first (like focus on the school
D. Roam if you want to. Before I went back to school, I would love to take a year and travel.
E. Oprah's Big Give. Would love to just be able to give some money to the organizations that I
try to support. Also, would love to set up some organizations of my own. While we're at it,
the financial independence would allow me to give alot more of my time.

4. 3 Bad Habits
A. Smoking - I know, I know...enough said
B. Procrastination - Let me tell you some stories about how bad my procrastination habit is..
actually, I'll just tell you later
C. TV watching - I'm not saying tv watching is a bad habit, I'm saying the amount of tv I
watch is excessive. A light night of tv for me is a night that I only have 3 hours worth of

5. 5 Places I've Lived
A. Kansas City, Missouri
B. Branson, Missouri
C. Columbia, Missouri
D. Osage Beach, Missouri
E. Jefferson City, Missouri
Alas, I've never lived out of the state

6. 5 Jobs I've Had (in no particular order)
A. Waiter, Ruby Tuesday's
B. Assistant Manger, Polo Ralph Lauren
C. Merchandising Manager, Old Navy
D. Call Order Processor, MBS textbooks
E. Sales clerk, Hallmark store

As always I'm not gonna tag anyone, but if you do this one let me know.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A meme for those sleepless nights

1. Link to the person who tagged you.

2. Post the rules on your blog.

3. Share six non important things/habits/quirks about yourself.

4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.

5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

1. I wasn't tagged, but I swiped this from Idle Eyes and A Dormy
2. See above.
3. Because you didn't ask and never will:
A) Of all the superheroes in all the land I love Batman most of all. I am already counting down
until the new Batman movie The Dark Knight comes out (july 18th! woot!)
B) Buffy the Vampire Slayer is quite possibly my favorite tv show of all time. I still re-watch
episodes (of which I own them all), randomly quote them (just today at work I said "that
makes me feel better about me, worse about Giles, and sort of shaky about you", it was an
appropriate response in my head, but not so much for my non-Buffy watching co-worker),
and just generally reference things from the show as if it happened in real life.
C) My favorite color is blue, but only when I want a compliment. My eyes are blue and any
time I wear something blue it really brings them out. It never fails that if I wear something
blue, someone will complement me on my eyes. So whenever I'm having a bad day (feeling
blue some might say...pun intended), I just throw on something blue.
D) You know when you're making macaroni and cheese, and you're stirring it all up at the
end? That wet, sorta sticky noise?...I call that glarpy.
E) I love, love, love to have a cigarette with my morning coffee. I know its a horrible habit, but
it is truly for me the hardest cigarette to give up.
G) I hate waking up so I have to set the alarm all the way across the room so that I have to
get out of bed to turn it off each morning. Also I have to set 3 alarms, 5 mins apart.
4. I will not tag any one, as some people hate being tagged and I don't want to offend but all are welcome to play along, so if you do this one let me know.


So here's another edition of HNT (Half-Naked Thursday) and my biggest loser challenge update.

Starting weight- 210

wk 1 -201

wk 2 - 201

wk 3 - 203 (gained 2

Yeah so I was really not happy with those results, particularly since everyone else LOST weight. So I may be dooming myself here, but my goal is to get below 200 at the next weigh-in. I'll settle for 199 (heck w/ the gain I would settle to be back at 201)...but I'm just striving to be below 200. Let me apologize in advance for my ugly competitive side that you may see making an appearance in the upcoming weeks. While I never played sports or anything growing up I definitely developed that sport mentality of competition.

No seriously though it's all just about encouraging each other to makes some changes and get healthier (as long as I

Friday, April 25, 2008

HNT (Half Naked Thursday) on a Friday

My how time has flown! I completely lost track of the blogging. Here's a brief rundown since last I blogged. I survived the birthday weekend...hooray! It was fun, but it wore me out. Then I came down with one of the worst colds I have had in forever. It was literally 2 weeks of going to work and then heading home straight for the couch and bed.

Anyway I'm all recovered and ready to jump back into the blog. And oh what a way to return! A group of us are doing our own version of the biggest loser. I'm hoping that it will get me motivated to get back into a more regular workout schedule. Shane and I are following an eating plan from Men's Health that is actually been working out pretty good so far. Anyway to keep me motivated and hold my self accountable I'm going to post a pic and my weight on here each week. I figured I would do it on Thursday's since several of the bloggers I read participate in HNT (Half Naked Thursday). So just a warning....if you don't want to see a shirtless picture of me each week steer clear of my Thursday posts. Okay, so here is my biggest loser results so far. My starting weight was...gulp!...210 lbs. We did the week one weigh in (which I won, thank you very much) and I was at 201 lbs. Week 2 was not nearly as successful as I again weighed in at 201. To be fair, I didn't really work out so I was happy that I maintained. Anyway, here is that current pic....try not to be too horrified.....